Monday, September 28, 2009

永远的思念.. RIP

This post is for Grandpa and Nyong Nyong.. They are the two person that stay an important role in my life..
-15th January 2009-
Towards Grandpa.. Even though we doesn't really meet each other very often but he really love me and even my brother and sisters.. He play with us since we are small kids and he always buy sweet and candies for us.. or sometimes when we really naughty and did something wrong.. He never scold us.. Dad always say Grandpa loves mom the most that's why he loves us too and that's the reason he never scold us.. I believe it.. even until now.. cuz although we seldom meet up with Grandpa and when he saw us.. He always so happy and everytime when we wanna leave KB and back to KK.. He just can't control himself and will drop few drops of tears like he will be missing us lots.. I knew he is.. Grandpa.. We miss u lots too..
-21st June 2009-
The second person is Nyong Nyong.. I still remember how she loves me and everytime she talk to me.. She is a person that always bring happiness to others and even to me.. Everytime when we meet up.. We sure got lots of things that we will share among us.. When shopping together.. She always loves her daughter so much and buy lots of things for them.. She is such a tough person that even when she knew that she was in sickness.. She still trust in God that God will heal her and always guide her.. But now.. God bring her back home and we all know that she's happy staying in God's house.. as we will meet her one day.. Always miss U.. Nyong Nyong..

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mummy said...

Always remenber!!that good...our life is short...we'll treasure...time is fair to every one...take care & make good use of it...& study hard!! GBU!!!