Monday, September 28, 2009

永远的思念.. RIP

This post is for Grandpa and Nyong Nyong.. They are the two person that stay an important role in my life..
-15th January 2009-
Towards Grandpa.. Even though we doesn't really meet each other very often but he really love me and even my brother and sisters.. He play with us since we are small kids and he always buy sweet and candies for us.. or sometimes when we really naughty and did something wrong.. He never scold us.. Dad always say Grandpa loves mom the most that's why he loves us too and that's the reason he never scold us.. I believe it.. even until now.. cuz although we seldom meet up with Grandpa and when he saw us.. He always so happy and everytime when we wanna leave KB and back to KK.. He just can't control himself and will drop few drops of tears like he will be missing us lots.. I knew he is.. Grandpa.. We miss u lots too..
-21st June 2009-
The second person is Nyong Nyong.. I still remember how she loves me and everytime she talk to me.. She is a person that always bring happiness to others and even to me.. Everytime when we meet up.. We sure got lots of things that we will share among us.. When shopping together.. She always loves her daughter so much and buy lots of things for them.. She is such a tough person that even when she knew that she was in sickness.. She still trust in God that God will heal her and always guide her.. But now.. God bring her back home and we all know that she's happy staying in God's house.. as we will meet her one day.. Always miss U.. Nyong Nyong..


Back to Perth in Feb 2009.. Some activities during the Easter Break..
(i) Kok Ye's house warming on 21st of March
Ahhh.. Playing with the sword in Kok Ye's costume party..
Behind the ghost in scary movie de.. Keke..
Ahhh.. got caught by the so called Cow Boy and Ghost!!
Kok Ye in Mexican Wear and his guitar..
Don't Kill Meeeeeeee~~
Cow Boy!!
Me and Nen Nen!!
Nen, Pres and Me..
Me with COLD Beer.. hehe ^.^
(ii)Caversham Wildlife Park with cell group
Caversham's little tiger car!
Cell Group photo.. I'm the photographer~
Me so happy.. Can see Kangaroooooo!
Makan makan before see kangarooo!!
Little tiger car!!
Finally.. With the Kangaroo... Lying on the grass..
Look at the camera and say Hi..!
Try to communicate with the Kanga~
Me and Cell leader Jason and little Kanga..
Can u spot the baby Kanga inside the Kanga Mama's pouch?
All Kanga taking rest in the shaded place..
Try to capture myself with the KangaBit.. haha
KangaBit = Kangaroo + Rabbit..
I fake this name up for it.. haha
WoW.. Someone is running there and all the Kanga stood up
Me, Fat Wombat and Nen...
The parrot keep talking with me but I ignore it..
So bad.. Haha.. >.<
The uncle is shaving off the sheep's wool..
See? the sheep become so white and wooless.. haha..
Kids are feeding the lil sheep with milk..
Me getting cow milk from its nen nen.. hehe..
This is so funnnnnnnn!!
Cow.. Don't stare at me!!!
Owhhh.. Cute little Koala.. But we cannot cuddle it..
3 Koala in a row..
(iii)Adventure World with Juniors in High School..
Adventure World Entrance~
Me in front of the AW entrance..
Pretty girlssss~~
Pirate Ship.. Syok!!
Bumper Boat... Didn't play this one..
Coca Cola Pit Stop.. didn't get to play this one cuz
didn't wear shoes.. Cannot play..
Rampage!! Love this so much!!.. It was so so so FUN!!
This is before start.. 90° only..
When it started.. 180°.. Scaryyyy..
Nen and Me played it!!
Me and Joyce.. Tunnel of Terror!!
So funnnnnnnnnn~


Wow Wow Wow!! Ruby is back to the blogggggg.. Hehe ^.^ Great.. Here starts the thingy I had summarised for the last few months.. Last blog is on April 19th.. WHAT??? That was just ages ago!! and today is the first day of free week.. Been studying for the whole day and suddenly think of this cute little bloggy.. so here I come.. start to bring all pics on for the last 5 months.. Ngek Ngek Ngek..

Opppsss... Nope.. Should post some of the pics in Korea first.. hehe.. Happy family trip for CNY to Korea on 23rd of January..
Family pic in airport before departing to Korea~
Arrgghhh.. I won't forget this disgusting and weird
pumpkin porridge.. cuz I didn't expect it was sweet..
Mei eating bread cuz no one likes the porridge..
Arrive in Korea airport!!! See the snow!! It's awesome!!
Banana Milk.. Tasty!! Yum!~~
Breakfast in airport.. Korea Sushi.. Nice!!
Mom Love it too!
Me and Mei love the Banana Milk~
Playing snow.. Captured by MOM..
Love snow!!
Dad and Mom with Snowy Mountain at the back..
Roanna with don't know what thing.. haha..
Me with the small tree cover with snow flakes..
Mei Mom and Me.. Hehe.. Lovely pic..
Annie.. Anna and Aby..
Me and Anna pick up the Snow to throw somebody.. hehe..
Roger with his Tai Wang.. haha..
Shake shake shake the tree and make the snow falls..
Family pic taken with Amazing Snow background..
Roger looks so sleepy.. ^.^
Bro and sises with horse made by lots of rubber tyre..
Yeah!! Peace!!
Peace again..
Mom random took pic..
Roger write love words for his lover.. haha..
A Ger A Nna and A By photo taking inside hotel room..
The hotel we stay.. so called resort.. haha
Jump Jump Jump!! I got 2nd Runner up!
Korea Trips end here.. some pic only cuz the rest photos is in another memory card and it's not with me..Photos below is some random pictures..
Me and PoPo taken in her shop..
Me and Shan Shan before she off to London~
Me with Mickey and Mei with Minnie~~
Three Pretty Sister went Dinner with dad in Umai~
Mom and Dad in Mask.. Nice!!
Love the mask!! Mom bought it from europe~
Pic taken from Shiseido!! Love this..!!
Valentine Day's cardie for Dar Kel..
Me and YiYi found "Little Fat Goat" in Perth.. ^.^
In uni watching the Aboriginal Cultural Dance..
Uni Orientation..
Shopping in city and met this.. Jay Jays..
See the girls inside? They're posing there..
Vroom Vroom in Freo~~